We help big companies act like small startups, and provide the expertise startups need to launch and scale their business. We also create ventures on our own.

  • Toshi

    Together with Coinbase we are banking the unbanked with Toshi - a cryptocurrency platform that provides universal access to financial services.

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  • Kron

    Kron brings smart and simple investment opportunities to everyone. We took Kron from idea to launched product.
  • Wake

    We built Wake to create a private space for teams to share design work. With Wake you’ll know what your team is working on.

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    We worked with, one of Norway's leading startups to design the country's first supermarket in the App Store.

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  • NTB Robot Journalist

    We teamed up with NTB to create Norway’s first robot journalist - a digital reporter that writes articles like a human, saving journalists valuable time.

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  • Expo

    We are working with Expo to redesign and rebuild their entire platform for building native mobile apps.
  • Virdi

    Together with Alva we have designed and built Virdi, which provide home-buyers and sellers with an overview of the housing market and gives them a better starting point.

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  • Jottacloud Photos

    Together with the Jottacloud team we designed and built a new photo platform, available on the web, Android, iOS and AppleTV.

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  • Schibsted

    In collaboration with media and classifieds giant Schibsted, we built an AI-based virtual assistant that provides customer service to their major newspapers’ subscribers.

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  • Google Digital News Initiative

    We are using artificial intelligence to improve the digital news experience in a project funded by the Google Digital News Initiative Innovation Fund.

  • Orbit

    Orbit provides artificial intelligence technology as a service. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to automatically categorise, enrich and tag large pieces of text-based content.

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  • Liveqube

    We helped turn Liveqube into a scalable tech business by redesigning and rebuilding their music streaming service for businesses.

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  • Morgenlevering

    We helped conceive and create an award-winning new service that brings quality products to the consumer’s doorstep overnight.

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  • Kahoot!

    We designed and built the first iOS app for Kahoot!, the world-renowned educational game with more than 50 million active users.
  • Acano

    We designed the first range of products for Acano’s next generation video conferencing service that was acquired at $700 million.

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