Bakken & Baeck


Rethinking the future of plastic packaging.


We are working on a new data-driven service that delivers everyday items to people’s doorsteps in durable and stackable packaging, while empties are picked up for washing and refilling.

What we did

  • Product strategy and design
  • Data-driven platform for a circular business model
  • Brand strategy, identity and narrative
  • UX copy and content strategy
  • Communications strategy and art direction

Building a digital platform and circular service

We’ve made it our mission to tackle one of the biggest challenges for the future consumer market and the planet: the ever-growing pile of plastic waste. På(fyIl)’s data-driven digital platform and circular service delivers familiar household products directly to your doorstep, all ordered from the comfort of your own home.

As a long-term strategic partner we’ve been heavily involved in designing not just the digital platform, but the business, too. Collaborating closely with Æra, Orkla and FormUsWithLove, we seamlessly merged På(fyll)’s physical and digital touch points to build a truly circular service.

We’ll be launching our Beta service in 2022, with a full public roll-out scheduled for 2023.

An illustration of a person in front of household products

By developing a smart solution that contains and carries familiar household products using tech-driven logistics and packaging, we hope to set a new standard of zero-waste services for both brands and consumers.

Tech Stacks

  • PostgreSQL, Python, Jenkins, Kubernetes (backend)
  • Typescript, Next.js, postCSS, Lottie, SVGR, Vercel (frontend)
  • MailChimp, Helthjem, Carrot (third-party services)


  • Æra (strategic partner)
  • Form Us With Love (physical product design)
  • Fatype Foundry (typography)
  • Dom Kesterton (illustrations)
  • Philippine Chaumont & Agathe Zaerpour (live-action footage)
  • Michele Foti (how-to videos)
  • Shestakovych Studio (CG)

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