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Everyday Experiments

Making speculative futures a reality.


We conducted, curated and communicated a series of digital experiments, exploring how tomorrow’s technologies might redefine everyday life at home.

What we did

  • Technical prototyping
  • Speculative UI
  • Art direction
  • Communications and social media strategy
  • Content strategy and copywriting

Reinventing life at home with the latest technologies

Over the last two years, we've worked closely with SPACE10 on the project Everyday Experiments. During this time, 24 different international studios and designers have created over 40 digital experiments that challenge emerging technologies' role in our home life. Across a set of unique themes featuring technologies ranging from machine learning to spatial audio and object detection, the project has explored ways to enhance our interactions with space and improve our everyday lives. From the beginning of the project, Bakken & Bæck has been involved with everything from creative strategy to copywriting, from film production to building experiments of our own, including Techno Carpenter and Room Shuffle.

Everyday Experiments is about looking critically and creatively at emerging technologies and imagining what sort of futures they might bring about. We developed a film to reflect that vision.

Communicating speculative futures and ongoing explorations

To coincide with the project's second anniversary, we created a film that encapsulates the project, including the people and technologies it has worked with. With it, our goal was to highlight the importance of imagining different futures in order to make them a reality, spotlighting Everyday Experiments as a vital tool in this process. After exploring a variety of directions, we developed Collaborative Futures, choosing to focus on the open and collaborative approach to innovation that the platform fosters.

Working with film production partner Mañana, we developed a concept and script for the piece, providing art direction throughout. Our film is split into three chapters, with each highlighting a different element of the project. The first section offers a warm vision of Everyday Experiments' speculative ideas embedded into everyday life. It depicts a frictionless future where technologies are subtly integrated into the home, set in a shared reality that showcases a range of experiments in different locations across the world.

In the second section, we shine a spotlight on some of the different partners involved in Everyday Experiments, allowing them to unpack their work, methodologies and approaches to collaboration. Using behind-the-scenes snippets and archival footage, we created a series of short features that give a glimpse into the process of each partner in creating their experiments. Here, BB also had the chance to share our own approach to prototyping, discussing some of the spatial computing applications we created for Everyday Experiments, such as Techno Carpenter.

Finally, the last chapter gives an overview of some of the project's highlights and a rundown of everyone involved, wrapping things up and looking ahead to the platform's next phase. The film, overall, foregrounds the diverse community of creatives that the project has brought together and explores their different profiles and perspectives. It also helps to contextualise the ongoing project among a broader framework of speculative futures, celebrating the work that has been done and encouraging a new generation of creatives to get involved.

The film contextualises EE among a broader framework of speculative futures, celebrating the work that has been done and encouraging a new generation of creatives to get involved.

Pitch Studios unpack the power of collaboration and their experiment Forever Meadow.

Yuri Suzuki talks about sound as a tool to change our experience of space, and their experiments Sound Bubbles and Convolution Reverb.

Tin & Ed discuss creating a more playful mode of living with their experiment Kaleidoscopic Home.

Packaging the platform and its digital experiments

Collaborative Futures is the culmination of a comprehensive communication and curation strategy we defined for Everyday Experiments, which also included UX design, visual treatment, copywriting and social media packaging. Early in the project, we developed a simple and familiar tone of voice for Everyday Experiments, one that's distinct enough to tie all the different experiments together without over-polishing their unique identities. Then, through copywriting and curating visual assets, we built a cohesive world where the diversity of experiments can co-exist in a shared space, ensuring that each experiment feels part of a single brand while retaining its personality and character. 

We also clustered experiments into different themes, ensuring that the connections between them were strong and clear. For social media, we created many angles for each experiment, framing them in ways that reach different audiences and platforms effectively. Key to this process was unpacking and explaining the experiments' many underlying technologies in understandable and accessible ways, ensuring that everyone could grasp the project.

With the film, we aimed to reaffirm the brand and platform, providing a new vision for the future of Everyday Experiments.


  • Mañana (Production)



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