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Everyday Experiments

Imagining new ways of living.


We conducted, curated and communicated a series of digital experiments, exploring how tomorrow’s technologies might redefine everyday life at home.

What we did

  • Research and prototyping
  • Product design
  • Art direction
  • Communications and social media strategy
  • Content strategy and copywriting

Reinventing life at home with spatial computing

Over the last two years, SPACE10 has partnered with 24 different international studios and designers to create over 40 digital experiments challenging the role of emerging technologies in our life at home. Across a set of unique themes, featuring technologies ranging from machine learning to spatial audio and object detection, Everyday Experiments has explored ways to enhance our interactions with space and improve our everyday lives.

Throughout the course of Everyday Experiments, Bakken & Bæck has been involved in a number of different capacities. We produced experiments of our own, including a number of spatial computing applications such as Techno Carpenter and Spatial Embodiment. When developing these experiments, one of the main challenges we encountered was in keeping the barrier to experimentation low while ensuring that the outcomes were easy to understand, share and identify with.

We defined a communication and curation strategy for EE that can be applied to a diverse pool of participating studios and partners, while creating excitement around the platform itself.

Packaging the platform and its digital experiments

As Everyday Experiments progressed, we were asked to outline its overarching communication strategy. This included copywriting, UX design, visual treatment, social media packaging and video work. Our aim was to create a coherent overview of the experiments as a whole without over-polishing their unique qualities. We developed a simple and familiar tone of voice to tie all the experiments together while carefully curating the prototypes to show their extraordinary and imaginative possibilities. We created accessible and exciting narratives around the speculative designs created by the studios SPACE10 partnered with.

From their material, we created a cohesive world for the Everyday Experiments platform, where the variety of experiments co-existed in a shared space. Through copywriting and curation of visual assets, we ensured that each experiment felt part of a single brand whilst retaining the personality and character given to them by their respective studios. We were also responsible for helping shape the communication of the different themes, acting similarly to write and visually define them. 

This communication strategy also involved developing social media assets, packaging individual experiments for each platform, and creating several different angles that would unpack the experiments in different ways; our communication fulfilling a educational role and helping to explain the experiments’ underlying technologies in digestible and easy to understand bites.

We are currently developing a new vision for Everyday Experiments. We seek to reposition the brand and platform, as well as develop a strategy to communicate the story of EE and its future prospects.

These upcoming chapters will begin by framing the entire project, then offering a series of exciting glimpses inside EE before finally zooming out and tying things back together. They will highlight the role of EE in pushing the speculative design conversation forward, while emphasising its core connection with life at home. Foregrounding the diverse community of creatives EE has brought together, we will explore their profiles and the different perspectives and working methodologies they bring. Finally, we will reflect upon the project, drawing new relations between the various experiments, investigating the overarching themes and thinking about how to develop things in the future. 


  • SERVICES GÉNÉRAUX (manifesto film)


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