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Join us. We are committed to cultivating a company that embraces differences. Being part of our team should mean that you can be who you are, while making the most out of your career!

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    London, Amsterdam, Oslo

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    Bonn, Barcelona, London, Amsterdam

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    Bonn, London, Amsterdam, Oslo

As a team, we spend a lot of time together; in projects, at conferences, and our annual get togethers. In all these instances, it’s important for us to not only celebrate the things we have in common, but dive deep under the surface to discover what makes us unique.

We’re committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone feels comfortable to bring their authentic selves to work every day — regardless of identity, experiences and beliefs.

We want Bakken & Baeck to be a place where you can try out new things with the risk of failing, where you can take ownership over your own work without being micro-managed, and where there’s a low barrier for coming up with ideas — no matter your job title or discipline.

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A-Z. A deep dive into our culture, values, and guiding principles.

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Bakken & Bæck AS
Trondheimsveien 135
0570 Oslo


Bakken & Bæck B.V.
Van Diemenstraat 38
1013NH Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Bakken & Baeck GmBH
Fürstenstraße 2-4
53111 Bonn


Bakken & Baeck LTD
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London N1 4JX
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Bakken & Bæck S.L.
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