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Giving insights into your investments.


We designed and built Kron; a next generation savings solution that focuses on making investment opportunities more accessible to the many.

What we did

  • Product strategy and design
  • Mobile and web app development
  • Data-driven brand identity

Turning the investment market into an accessible space

Even though most people know that funds put savings to work, the road to finding the best ones has been paved with inaccessible information and bad user experiences. The world of investments has become a lucrative arena for the lucky few. Kron aims to turn it into a more understandable and accessible space; we helped them do so. With a simple on-boarding process that consists of a few questions, users can tailor their own investment plan and learn a few things along the way.

A tailored savings plan made easy through an intuitive user experience

Whether you’re saving for a rainy day, aiming for a fortune or building up a pension, there’s an investment plan that suits you. To figure out the best plan for your needs, we needed to design an intuitive user experience across all platforms.

The design system Kron is built upon aims to make it as simple as possible for people to start saving money, without the need for extensive research on the markets or previous knowledge. The key to getting there was a simple yet informative onboarding process. In just a few steps you can select your experience level, choose your purpose with investing, adjust your risk level, select a theme and decide on your monthly instalment.

By providing data-driven visuals and intuitive updates on the events that drive the financial markets, Kron’s digital platform turns saving and investing money into an easy-to-use experience for the many.

An automated and data-driven visual identity

The Kron graph is an integral part of the visual identity we designed, and acts as your main source of information. It reflects how your portfolio is doing and gives an explanation of why the value of your money grew or dipped. Whenever world events affect your savings, Kron will automatically notify you, so you understand what’s happening.

We worked with video platform Algo to create automated, data-driven visuals for Kron. By using live market data, Algo outputs video animations that update in real time, always providing Kron with up-to-date visualisations for their social media accounts.


Users active on the platform


Total NOK in savings


Equal share of users in terms of gender

Tech Stacks

  • Python, PostgreSQL, Redis (backend)
  • Linode (infrastructure)
  • React Native (apps)


  • (data-driven automated videos)
  • Allyssa Heuze (photography)


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