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Redefining warehouse automation.


As a digital product and innovation partner, we are building upon Autostore’s unique grid-based robot solution to design and develop Pio: an in-house automated storage system for small- and medium-sized companies.

What we did

  • Market insights and product strategy
  • User research and testing
  • UX and product design
  • Front and back end development

Enabling smart automation for small businesses

The original AutoStore system is tailored to larger enterprises and demands long sales and installation processes. To explore a new market and build a product that would help SMEs and eCommerce businesses grow through automation, we have built Pio. As a smaller, more flexible storage system, Pio reduces installation processes to a minimum. The easy-to-use apps enable customers to optimise their logistics and focus their efforts on growing their companies.

Through a comprehensive research phase we visited smaller companies, interviewed potential customers, and hosted workshops to map out needs and use cases to define features and scope the first version of the product. The outcome was a thorough vision deck – a document used to guide the following web app design and development process.

With Pio, warehouse workers and store managers get total control of their inventory and orders, and can pick, pack and ship orders from a single place. The service gives users a complete overview of everything happening in their warehouse, from incoming orders to issues that need urgent handling. The design system we created is optimised for fast paced environments to support quick decisions with little margin for errors.

Pio can be customised to fit the needs of the customer, based on space, order volume and product types. It keeps inventory organised, and lets the user stay in control, save space, and reduce strain on staff with reliable robots.

As a long-term partner for Pio we are designing and building the next generation of tools that enable users to take their eCommerce business to the next level.

Tech Stacks

  • Python, FastAPI, Psql, Redis, Redis Stream, gRPC, Kubernetes, Azure (backend)
  • Rust, WebSocket, JSON-RPC (stub)
  • TypeScript, Next.js, React, React-three-fiber, XState, Zustand, React Query, SCSS (frontend)
  • Sanity (CMS)


  • R/GA (brand identity)
  • Shestakovych Studio (CG)
  • Dapper Store Oslo (product photography for animation)

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