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In collaboration with research lab SPACE10, we are exploring how artificial intelligence and immersive realities can strengthen circular business models within the furnishing market.

Being the public transport authority of Oslo and Akershus, Ruter supports 1,5 million travelers to find their way around the city on a daily basis. We help them do so in an accessible and sustainable manner by designing and developing their new digital platform and brand.


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Opening up the real estate market


Case study


We help ambitious companies identify, explore and respond to new opportunities by building digital solutions from end-to-end. Working as one tight-knit team across our offices in Oslo, Amsterdam, Bonn and London, our work aims to have impact on a global scale.

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Together with SevenSix, we developed a mobile-based AI coach that records and tracks your tennis game by leveraging computer vision. It calculates your progress over time, the accuracy of your swings, and other key performance metrics like the number of shots and the angles of your body.

Orbit is our collection of artificial intelligence tools that enable users to make sense of scattered information. By uncovering and connecting previously obscured pieces of data, Orbit helps us make our digital products smarter and more efficient.


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WINDOWS, date to be decided

DDD is a quarterly event at our Amsterdam office, where we bring people from different disciplines together to reflect on a specific theme.

While most of today’s cryptocurrencies still thrive on speculation and hype, we made it our mission to bring simplicity and stability to the constantly changing world of crypto. That’s why we are developing Dola: a crypto wallet for your everyday payments with the stable coin DAI.

We keep bees on our Oslo rooftop and produce our own honey. As a way to be outside more often and learn new skills together, but also to create a better understanding of the role honeybee colonies play in the survival of a broad network of species on earth, including our own.

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Being part of our company should mean that you can be who you are, while making the most out of your career.

We want Bakken & Bæck to be a place where you can try out new things at the risk of failing, where you can take ownership over your own work without being micro-managed, and where there’s a low barrier for coming up with ideas — no matter your job title or discipline.

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