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About BB
Building digital products, brands and businesses, we help ambitious companies identify, explore and respond to new opportunities. From defining the future home with IKEA to building decentralised platforms with Coinbase; we are in the business of breaking new grounds. As one international team across offices, we have all the skill-sets needed to help businesses adapt to an increasingly complex world.
We are committed to cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone feels comfortable, regardless of your identity, experiences and beliefs. We want BB to be a place where you can try out new things with the risk of failing, where you can take ownership over your own work without being micromanaged, and where there’s a low barrier for coming up with ideas — no matter your job title or discipline.
Work-life balance shouldn’t be a perk, but a given. We strongly believe in flexibility, knowing that creativity doesn’t always happen between 9 and 5. At BB you’ll be given a lot of freedom, which means managing your own priorities, trying out new things and working a flexible hours’ scheme.
How does this work?
Tell us a little about yourself, what kind of role you are interested in, where you'd like to work, and how you’d like to contribute at BB. If we see that your profile could be a good fit, we’ll connect with you to discuss this further. Please include your CV and portfolio (wherever relevant), and feel free to add links to a personal website, projects or similar.
To get a better feel for what we care about as a company, our perks and work philosophy, check out our A-Z.
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