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We partnered up with cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase as their external product innovation team, helping them define, design and build two of their key products from end-to-end.

What we did

  • Web and mobile design (iOS and Android)
  • Front-end, back-end and mobile development (iOS and Android)

Designing and building crypto products from idea to launch

Working in close collaboration with Coinbase leadership, we designed and developed two new products from scratch — Coinbase Wallet, a cryptocurrency platform that provides universal access to financial services and Coinbase Custody, a secure digital asset custodian for institutional investors.

We were responsible for both services end-to-end and implemented support for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, as well as ERC20 tokens. As security was paramount for Custody, we implemented U2F authentication with security keys. All private keys are kept in separate cold storage.

Screenshot of the custody screen in the desktop version of Coinbase

Operating as a trans-disciplinary studio, our work for Coinbase encompassed product design, as well as front-end and back-end development — including implementations for several cryptocurrencies.

During our collaboration with Coinbase we operated at a high pace, acting as a strategic and hands-on partner to their teams as they scaled.

A person holding up a mobile phone with the Coinbase app open

assets on Coinbase Custody


institutional clients


cryptocurrencies on Coinbase Wallet


  • David Brandon Geeting (photography)


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