Bakken & Baeck

Profile. As an innovation partner, we guide companies through moments of transformation, using tech and design as tools to explore, establish and develop new business territories.

TechnologyStrategy and Digital InnovationProduct and ServiceBrand and Communication

From apps to AI, from brands to blockchain

We help ambitious companies identify, explore and respond to new opportunities by building digital solutions from end-to-end. Through swift iterations and open communication, we strive to turn ideas into products, brands and businesses that stand the test of time.


Using design and tech as our tools, we help companies explore, analyse and scope innovative ideas within new business areas or emerging technologies, creating prototypes and strategies that lay the groundwork for future growth.


As a trusted innovation partner, we have years of experience in building new products and services from the ground up within multiple industries. Combining all capabilities into one tight-knit team, we have what it takes to firmly establish your digital product, brand or business in times of unprecedented change.


Looking from the outside in, we are well-positioned to explore and identify opportunities to elevate your product, brand or business. Whether it’s through the implementation of a better user experience, a bolder visual identity, a more sophisticated data platform, or all of the above.

We define, design, develop all things digital

Combining engineers, designers, and writers in one tech-driven team, we have all skill-sets needed to consider the activities of humans and machines simultaneously, and find meaningful new modes of interaction between them.

  • Front and Back End Development
  • Native & Unity Development
  • Software Development
  • Blockchain Development
  • Spatial Computing
  • Machine Learning/AI
  • Computer Vision
  • Data Architecture
Strategy and Digital Innovation
  • Insight Development
  • Shareholder Interviews
  • Product and Brand Strategy
  • Business Consulting
  • R&D Partnerships
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Future Concepts
  • White Papers
Brand and Communication
  • Brand Narrative and Identity
  • Creative and Art Direction
  • Content- and Copywriting
  • Film and Photography
  • Illustrations and Icons
  • Motion Graphics
  • Custom and Responsive Typography
  • Digital and Social Content
Product and Service
  • Design Systems
  • UX/UI Strategy and Design
  • Iterations and Sprints
  • Prototyping and Wireframing
  • UX Copy and Content Guidelines
  • User Testing and Interviews
  • Service Blueprints and Design
  • Design Research

Partners, not clients

We believe in close collaboration, both externally and internally. Our commitment to our craft usually results in long-term partnerships, in which we deliver on multiple projects while actively identifying new opportunities as one team. As an independent studio, we have the freedom to invest time and capital in the products we build, creating solid foundations for partnerships that are based on mutual trust and excitement.

Team. As a group of 80+ people from all over the world, we connect over an unconditional love for making digital things, and a shared ambition to push the boundaries of what’s possible on the web.

Some chairs and a desk


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