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Providing circularity as a service.

Aker Biomarine

We are currently working with AION to design and develop a rich set of data-driven services, aimed at making industrial plastic waste a thing of the past.

What we did

  • Business consulting
  • Machine learning architecture and development
  • Product strategy and design
  • Front and back end development
Recycling process snippets

During our collaboration with AION, we visited the Norwegian foundries Miko Plast and GH Plast to understand better how recycling is done, from storage to grinding and moulding.

Providing circularity as a service

While most industrial players that use large amounts of low-complexity plastic products, like plastic trays, boxes or pallets, seek new ways to reduce their CO2 emissions, they often lack the network or the infrastructure to introduce a circular recycling model for their plastic products.

AION offers them a network of partners for all parts of the plastic value-chain, from logistics, to cleaning, recycling, and re-manufacturing of products, while running quality assurance at each step of the process and providing them with detailed traceability and emissions reporting.

We are helping AION create the technical solution required to orchestrate all these services: a sophisticated data-platform for tracking everything from basic products and orders to material mixes and QA reports. To ensure traceability and accurate emissions reporting, it is important to harvest as much data as possible from various AION’s partners. This is why we are working with industrial data-buses to capture energy usage straight from machines — or, alternatively, use off the shelf IoT sensors on older equipment when no built-in sensors are available.

We are building flexible products that will help AION become a leading player in the field of circularity, setting a new global standard for the management of industrial value chains.

Video of a technologist using computer vision to detect plastic mold stamps

Behind the scenes of our technologists working with computer vision to detect and understand plastic mold stamps.

Working transdisciplinary as one tight team, we are able to apply comprehensive UX and product design to complex technical solutions. By translating intricate data into tangible user interfaces, we aim to elevate the circular infrastructure in the industrial space, and make sustainable solutions more available and more impactful.

We believe that AION will have a unique position for optimisation and process analysis on a scale no single actor in the recycling space could match. Using design and development as our tools, it’s our mission to work towards an ecosystem of functional and attractive dashboards, where customers can look up key metrics at any time and understand more about their plastic consumption. By doing so, we contribute to making low carbon footprint plastic more accessible to the many.

Tech Stacks

  • Python, Django, Django-rest framework, PostgreSQL (backend)
  • TypeScript, Next.js, styled components (frontend)


  • Shestakovych Studio (CG)


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