Rediscovering the joy of singing together

Together with OsloMet’s kindergarten education department, we’ve designed and built Trall – a digital singing experience filled with beautifully re-recorded songs by some of Norway’s most prominent artists.

Trall aims to make musical heritage accessible, and inspire people of all ages to sing together.

Studies show that we sing less than we used to, and that a lot of people feel uncomfortable singing in front of others. Educators who work with kids are often not able to read notes or sheet music. They depend on streaming services with limited content in terms of quality and diversity.

At the same time, the common repertoire of Norwegian children’s songs is diminishing.

Giving people access to a shared musical treasure chest, Trall bridges generations, rejuvenates traditional culture, and inspires joy in music, through sound and play.

The newly released beta version of the app is an audiovisual music player with intuitive functionality throughout; people can listen to curated music for different activities, make their own playlists, collect their favourites, learn lyrics, sing karaoke and unbox new songs as they are released.

The animated illustrations are uniquely generated every time a song is played, giving the users fresh musical experiences every time they interact with the app.

Trall is designed to be used in schools, kindergartens, or at home. We aimed to build an approachable and safe platform for children and adults alike. Although the format is made for digital tablets and mobile phones, the focus is not on the use of the screen, but on the act and joy of singing together.

Maewenn Bourcelot

Music is at the centre of everything in Trall, both technically and visually. We extracted data from the melodies, the themes and the dynamics of the songs. The system we designed, generates artwork that expresses the different layers of the compositions visually.

Through rigorous user testing, we’ve created a new way to let people engage with music and learn songs, while allowing teachers to convey new and traditional music in an accessible manner.

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