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Turning your smartphone into an interior design tool.


We designed Studio, an application that lets you reimagine your home through augmented reality, bringing interior design to the many.

What we did

  • AR-powered product design
  • Spatial UI and UX narrative
  • CG scriptwriting and production

Designing spatial computing tools for interior design

Merging augmented reality and product design, Studio consists of easy-to-use spatial computing tools, enabling you to view and modify your space quickly and intuitively, while digitally furnishing your walls, ceilings, seats and tabletops.

Leveraging AR and LiDAR sensors to gain detailed depth information, Studio measures your windows, walls or doors, creates detailed floor plans of entire rooms and previews 3D objects in your space. It helps you reimagine your home.

With Studio, we created an intuitive and easy digital toolkit that uses spatial computing to help you design your home.

A digital toolkit for the many

People have no shortage of ideas for better homes. What they lack are accessible tools to enable them to visualise and realise these solutions. Whereas buying household items can come naturally to many of us, thinking about interior design as a process without any visualisation can be daunting.

In close collaboration with SPACE10, we have been focused quelling any anxieties people may have about interior designing by creating an intuitive user-experience that can be used within the comfort of your own spatial environment. This way, we aim to reassure them that it doesn’t have to be a complex, expensive or time-consuming experience.

The app is complete with a guided project that leads users through the design process with expert tips and directions.

A short film that showcases the potential of the app

With the app still in development phase, we teamed up with design and animation studio Kühl & Han and sound design studio Plan8 to create a computer-generated short film, speculating on and giving form to the app’s future use cases.

We imagined someone exploring the Studio interface from dawn to dusk, using a series of different tools throughout the day. The viewer follows the user’s gaze that shifts between the physical and digital space, while interacting with the augmented design elements.

Combining sound and visual design in one user-experience

We made conscious use of the app’s UI and UX elements, which were being developed in tandem with the film. By incorporating subtle features such as background-blur fills and animated sliders, we were able to gently direct the audience's attention and understanding.

The UX elements go hand in hand with the subtle sound design, developed by Plan8. The organic feel of these sounds draw a connection to the textures of the physical products, such as wood and cloth. We built on these organic sounds, adding rhythm and other musical elements in order to transform individual components into a coherent piece of music.

Studio shows that thinking creatively about a space can be easy, satisfying and rewarding — proving that anyone who has a home can be a designer.

Tech Stacks

  • ARKit, RealityKit (native iOS)


  • Kühl & Han (CG & motion)
  • Plan8 (sound)
  • Barkas (film)


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