We help startups and established companies invent, build, and launch their next product or venture.

We also build startups of our own.

Working on

  • Photo platform for Apple TV
    ClientEarly 2016
  • Automated businesses management
    ClientMid 2016
  • Robot-journalism in reporting
    PartnershipMid 2016

Case studies

  • Wake

    Read case study


    Wake is a private space for you to share and discuss design work with your team. It is the perfect tool to enhance the workflow of design teams across the globe.

  • Liveqube

    Read case study


    We helped turn Liveqube into a scalable tech company by redesigning and rebuilding their music streaming service for businesses.


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In our lab we explore everything from delivery drones and 3d-printing to door-opening Slack bots. We love to explore the intersection between hardware and software.