We design and build intelligent apps and websites

Bakken & Bæck is a digital agency with offices in Norway and Germany. We help our clients build or improve applications for all platforms and screen sizes.


We are passionate about helping ambitious companies create new digital products and services. 

We believe in the importance of a strong relationship with our clients, and a key factor to this is working closely together over time. Our team of designers and developers are specialized in everything from crafting elegant interfaces and user experiences, to building complex data-driven services built on advanced artificial intelligence.

When we're not doing client work, we spend our time building new products and services. We believe this is a strategic advantage that helps us stay on top our game. As a result of this, we have recently launched Orbit and Wake.

We have worked with clients of all shapes and sizes — in a broad range of industries. We also advise early stage startups and have worked with entrepreneurs out of Stanford, MIT and NTNU, including some who have received funding from top-tier investors such as Khosla Ventures, Sequoia Capital and Y-Combinator.

  • NRK

  • Jottacloud

  • Schibsted

  • Nimber

  • Plan

  • Distribution Innovation

  • Tomra

  • Acano

  • Nortura

  • Assessio

  • Telenor

  • Aftenposten


We conceive, design and develop digital products and services. Regardless of the complexity of the problems we’re solving, we always aim to balance the client's business goals with a great user experience. We believe the key to building rapid and long lasting success often lies in this intersection.

As no two projects are alike, we have built a diverse team of designers, developers, QA specialists and project managers, to make sure that we can meet any challenge:

  • 1Explore ideas

    We can help you explore and validate your ideas, and quickly realize them into working concepts and prototypes.

  • 2Build a new product

    We will help you create something truly new and unique, whether it’s a new website, app or startup venture.

  • 3Enhance an existing product

    You already have a site or an app that needs improvement. Our team can help you take your product to the next level.

All projects we undertake are founded on our shared passion for design and our ambition of pushing the limits of technology. Our designers strive to create beautiful experiences, down to every last detail, and our engineers specialize in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology.


Our team consists of generalists and specialists within fields as diverse as interaction design, graphic design, animation, interface design, front- and back-end development, as well as artificial intelligence, machine learning and advanced algorithms.

The company was founded in 2011 by Tobias Bæck and Johan Bakken. With offices in Oslo, Norway and Bonn, Germany and clients from Oslo, London, San Francisco, New York, Stockholm and Seoul, we like to think of ourselves as a global agency.

Silja W. Langebraaten


Susanne K. Lundblad


Espen Waldal

Project Manager

Bjarne Bakke Kvistad


Gunnar A. Grimnes


August Skare


Tristan King


Johan Bakken


Ole Martin Kristiansen


Nils B. Løchen Plosnić


Truls Haugland


Audun Kjelstrup


Kristian Hjelle


Malte Kiesel


Tobias Bæck



We’re always on the lookout for talented and highly motivated people. Please get in touch if you think you’re a good fit.


What we're looking for


Android Developer

We’re looking for an experienced Android Developer to join our team in Oslo or Bonn. You’ll need to be passionate about attention to detail, as we’re looking for someone who can build best-in-class native apps for Android. We’re looking for someone with extensive experience with Android/Java, Android Activity, Fragment and UI Layout.

Oslo, Norway or Bonn, Germany

Backend Developer

We're looking for an experienced and extraordinarily talented Backend Engineer to join our team in Bonn. You’ll need to be fluent in Python and JavaScript, or have the ability to learn quickly. Experience with web applications, databases, distributed systems, scaling and machine learning is a plus.

Bonn, Germany

iOS Developer

We’re looking for someone with an extensive experience building apps for the iOS platform to join our team in Oslo or Bonn. You’ll need to be passionate about attention to detail and flawless execution. Experience with Swift is a plus.

Oslo, Norway or Bonn, Germany

Frontend Developer

We’re looking for an experienced and detail oriented Frontend Developer to join our team in Oslo or Bonn. You’ll need to be fluent in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Experience working with Git, Stylus, Jade, Twig, AngularJS, Craft and PHP is a plus.

Oslo, Norway or Bonn, Germany


Competitive salary. A good pension and health insurance plan. The hardware and software you need. Free breakfast, lunch and snacks. Flexible working hours and holidays. Amazing trips, parties and concerts.


We also occasionally offer internships. Please note that we might not be able to respond to each application individually.


We’re always interested in new projects, big or small. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us regarding your project.

If you want to contact us about something else, or just say hi, please call (+47) 464 00 000 or send us an e-mail. You’re also always welcome to drop by our office for a coffee.



Bakken & Bæck AS
Trondheimsveien 135
0570 Oslo


Bakken & Bæck GmbH
Siemensstrasse 8
53121 Bonn


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