UX Designer

We are looking for a talented UX Designer to join our team in Oslo. At Bakken & Bæck you will be working with some of the most innovative and interesting companies in the world. Together with an international team of passionate designers and developers you’ll create products with impact.

UX designers at Bakken & Bæck play a key role in the strategic, conceptual and visual phases of the products we build. As part of a team you’ll be involved in finding user issues and needs, defining product features and exploring design solutions to meet those needs, usually together with product designers and product managers.

A bit about you

  • At least two years of experience with UX
  • You have an analytical mindset, and wish to understand the problem at hand before executing
  • Thrive in a collaborative environment with developers, other designers and clients
  • Can create and execute user tests to validate your hypotheses
  • You’ve worked with advanced application and you're not only concerned about the ideal user flow, but also about accommodating for multiple scenarios, edge cases, older devices and less tech savvy users
  • Able to quickly wireframe or mock up ideas and bring them to life using whatever prototyping tool you prefer
  • Can articulate, define and document your work and discuss your ideas and conclusions
  • You’re familiar with range of design methods, and know when to use what

Bonus if you have experience with

  • Service design
  • Writing microcopy
  • Running smaller projects by yourself

Freedom and flexibility

At Bakken & Bæck you are given the freedom and flexibility you need to thrive and realize your full potential. Structure your own workday, or work remote. You decide what suits you best.

Build something unique

As an international team we get to bring the most interesting, innovative and exciting ideas to life together with some of the best and most renowned clients and partners in the business.

What you need to excel

You will be provided with the tools you need to flourish. You'll get the hardware and software you need, and an amazing and dynamic work space and environment.

Great trips and parties

Great parties are an important ingredient of Bakken & Bæck. Twice a year, at summer and christmas, we gather everyone in the company for a trip. We also do parties, open houses and the yearly conference An Interesting Day.