Chris Kalani
2014 - ongoing

For both small and large companies, sharing work within design teams is still too difficult. Our good friend Chris Kalani, previous Facebook designer, talked to us about an idea he wanted to work on that would solve these issues. The design process is fragmented across different tools and channels. A large chunk of the design process remains isolated from the team while we're busy perfecting our mockups for reviews.

We experienced this at Bakken & Bæck as well, so we teamed up with Chris to build a tool to solve this problem. We made Wake, a private space to share and discuss design work with your team. It makes sharing work and getting feedback dead simple.

Wake is a private space to share and discuss design work with your team

Wake Screenshot

With that idea in mind, Wake was designed to get out of your way and help you share your ideas quickly. To share your work more often, you might have to change more than your workflow. For some, a fresh mindset is needed. We've kept Wake feeling very lightweight to lower the threshold of sharing. The branding is simplistic so you can display your work without distractions. The design decisions we've made throughout the process all contributed to the feeling of a lightweight product.

Using early prototypes of the product to design Wake, we landed on a simple gridded feed of your team's work. After uploading something it shows up in the feed and you can write a description in the sidebar. Adding tags allows work to be easily searchable. Uploads can be opened and commented on by team members, making discussing work easy as pie. In addition to the Wake web app we've designed, prototyped and developed apps for Mac and iOS.

Wake on an iPad

We initially created Wake for ourselves but quickly saw potential in the product. We started inviting other companies as beta testers. Their feedback in the beta phase of the product has been very valuable. The enthusiasm expressed by our beta testers confirmed that the problem we worked on was a problem worth solving.

Eventually we decided to spin Wake off into its own company. Together with Chris we raised capital in the US and Norway to build a team in San Francisco. Now we work with them to continuously develop the product and build the company.