Identity, website

Early 2017 we joined forces with Alva Technologies – a spinoff from Ambita – to build Virdi. Virdi is a service that aims to make the housing market more transparent. It provides an overview of real estate market prices; when you’re looking to buy or sell a home, you can find out how much a place is worth paying for.

Getting the right price

Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest financial decisions people make in their life. Basing the purchase of your dream home on the asking price feels like a gamble, and when selling your home the evaluation has to be done by a realtor. Virdi is there to help you avoid paying too much or receiving too little.

We designed and developed the Virdi platform from scratch. Opting for a system-based design approach allowed us to get a prototype up and running early in the process. We iterated quickly, getting working prototypes in front of users as fast as we could. We refined the product based on the feedback we received and turned Virdi into a delightful and user-friendly product.

Besides being responsible for Virdi’s product design, we established its identity by creating a logo and defining a friendly illustration style for use throughout the product.

Third party access

Virdi wants to establish itself as the go-to partner in the real estate market. Together with Virdi we’re building an API. Third parties can use the API to build digital products based on the real estate market, taking advantage of accurate real estate pricing estimates. These estimates are, of course, calculated by Virdi.

Integrating Virdi

Third parties can use Virdi's api accurate price estimates via the new API.

Avoid surprises when buying or selling a home. Sign up for the (Norwegian) beta via