Artificial Intelligence as a Service
2014 - current

Orbit provides artificial intelligence technology as a service. It uses advanced machine learning algorithms to automatically categorise, enrich and tag large pieces of text-based content.

By analyzing and organizing content in real-time and automatically tagging and structuring large pieces of text into clusters of topics or categories, Orbit creates a platform where you can build multiple data rich applications.

As a publisher you can create better recommendations, visualize storylines, create rich apps like maps or interactive fact boxes or give readers the ability to follow specific topics. By massively enhancing the user experience you will get more pageviews, longer time spend and increased ad revenue.

We developed the technology at our AI Research Lab in Bonn, Germany, where we have several data scientists working with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

To further develop the technology and make new products based on Orbit, we spun it off as a new company. Today we are working with several media companies to create innovative services based on the technology.

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