Design and front-end development

Openvote is an online platform created to increase political awareness and voter turnout among American citizens. With their staff of writers, Openvote covers local and nationwide elections to inform citizens about issues relevant to them, issues they might not have been aware of in the first place. American voters can pledge to vote for certain issues or candidates online and recruit others to do the same.

The Openvote homepage is where you'll find content written by Openvote editors as well as campaign-specific information.

Openvote home page

Bobby Goodlatte, Openvote’s CEO, invited us to work with them on the project after they had done a successful trial run in San Francisco. We took their prototype and turned it into a versatile, mobile-friendly publishing platform in a series of two rapid design sprints. We designed the platform to neatly house different kinds of content, from short posts and listicles to larger featured articles by acclaimed journalists.

Openvote on iPhone

Always up to date

Visitors can easiliy follow campaigns from their favorite politicians, on every device.

Campaign representatives can create and manage content on their own campaign pages. Visitors are able to follow campaign updates and pledge their votes towards campaigns of their choice. The platform allows visitors to write and post responses to articles, which will be curated by the Openvote staff. Lively discussions are allowed and encouraged to take place in the comment section of each article.

A short feedback loop with Openvote allowed us to iterate quickly, resulting in a large amount of visual work to build upon. After two successful design sprints we assisted them with front-end development, making sure the site works smoothly across devices and browsers.

After a few months of publishing content, Openvote hit 700.000 unique visitors a month. In a third design sprint we helped them capitalise on this. We updated the pledge flow, where visitors pledge their votes towards campaigns they identify with, to be more engaging. After pledging, users are encouraged to share their pledge card with their friends or followers. We’re hoping this change will drive more traffic to Openvote’s website and ultimately increase their impact on voter turnout.