Distribution Innovation
2014 - 2015 is a service that offers high quality consumer products such as fresh gourmet breakfast, coffee beans and tea, newspapers, magazines and books. By utilizing the speed and reach of the existing newspaper distribution, everything is delivered over night to the consumer’s front door.

Together with our long time partners in Distribution Innovation we came up with the concept, and did branding, design, prototyping and development. The product is now running as its own service.

Morgenlevering on an iPad

The entire process was fast and experimental. We moved quickly from user research through wireframes, design and development to an MVP and prototype. To get the right feel, we joined the couriers on their nightly delivery rounds. At the same time strategic product partnerships were made along with testing and adjusting the current delivery infrastructure. Less than three months was spent from project kickoff to a launched pilot.

The pilot started out with a small test area of 6 000 households. Due to a high level of demand the distribution was expanded to reach 600 000 households. The concept hit a sweet spot with consumers. A great achievement due to on-demand home delivery still being in its infancy in Norway.

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Morgenlevering won the Innovation of the Year award at the Schibsted Consumer Sales Awards 2015.

Read more about the project over on Medium.

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