New brand, website, web app, iOS app, Android app.

Liveqube provides software, hardware and content for customized music streaming for businesses. We helped turn Liveqube into a scalable tech business by redesigning and rebuilding their entire range of products.


We built a new administration system from scratch. The smart web application makes it easy to manage the different client playlists and link them to the proper locations or zones.

Automatic tagging algorithms keep playlists up to date with new music. Algorithms ensure that the same songs are not played in succession, creating a varied music spectrum.

Magnetic scrolling

We prototyped the scrolling functionality using Framer.js

The simple interface allows you to adjust the music being played. Instead of selecting specific songs, you can adapt the music to the mood at your store, café or bar.

Using lightweight and simple controls, the system can adjust the music played to be more energetic or more quiet, without passing full control to the employee's personal music taste, and staying true to the brand’s own customized music profile.

Keeping an up to date music profile for your business is time consuming. With LiveQube, sales and business people can keep doing what they do best.