iPhone app

We worked with Kolonial.no, one of Norway's leading startups to design the country's first supermarket in the App Store. Together with their engineers we built a simple and elegant way to go grocery shopping.

Kolonial.no has since 2013 disrupted the industry by providing an easier way for families to do their weekly grocery shopping through their website. The groceries are delivered to your doorstep or you can choose to pick it up yourself at one of their 27 different pick-up points in central Oslo.

We sketched and prototyped heavily around the core interactions in the application—the most important one being the Add to cart button. One of the big issues when designing shopping experiences on smaller screens is the lack of screen estate to provide just enough information for the user to be able to perform an action without being overloaded, or vice versa, that you show too little information.

The app has been received well in the market, and was downloaded over 10 000 times within the first week. We are really happy to join Kolonial.no on their disrupting way forward.

We used Framer to prototype the core interactions of the app. Adding products to the cart was one of them and it had to be friction-free.

CorianderCoriander price

A first iteration: sliding left to add or remove products from the cart.

CorianderCoriander price

Sliding left to add and right to remove was another option we explored.

CorianderCoriander price

In the end, we decided to keep it simple and went for this iteration of the add to cart functionality.