Identity, website, iOS app, Android app, AppleTV app

Jottacloud is a Norwegian cloud storage service that caters to more than 700 000 users across the world. We’ve previously worked with Jottacloud on their original service, and this time they wanted to build a new photo platform to live on top of their existing backup service.

Storing and organizing all your photos and videos can be a real struggle, with files scattered across old hard drives, memory cards, phones or tablets and old computers. We wanted to build the best way to automatically back up and access all your photos across a range of different platforms, and make it easy to share your photos and videos with friends and family.

Security is one of the strongest features of the Jottacloud platform. Contrary to most US-based services, Norwegian privacy laws keep your photos safe from certain three-letter abbreviations.

The first version of the platform has a set of features that work as a strong foundation:

  • View all your photos in a fast and easily scrollable timeline

  • Automatically backup photos from your mobile device, and make it easy to collect old photos stored away on hard drives

  • Browse your photos on a range of different devices

  • Automatically organize photos based on time and location

  • Create your own albums

  • Share photos and albums with friends and family

Together with the Jottacloud team we designed and built a new photo platform, available on the web, Android, iOS and AppleTV.

Web app

In the web app you can upload photos and videos from different sources by drag-and-dropping directly into your timeline. The photos will automatically be arranged by time and location, and browsing through an entire lifetime of memories is quick and intuitive on all screen sizes.

Creating your own albums is simple, both from the timeline and the albums view. You can create albums together with your friends and family, and have them add their own favorite photos.

We designed the web app, and Jottacloud’s team did the implementation.

Mobile apps

These days, the phone is the primary device for taking photos and shooting videos. The service needed stellar mobile apps that would meet users’ expectations. We designed and developed apps for iOS and Android that automatically backup your photos and allow you to quickly browse through your entire library with just one thumb. Organizing and sharing photos, videos and albums had to be effortless on every platform.


Nothing beats browsing high-quality photos and videos on the big screen. We designed and developed the Apple TV app to work as a browser and viewer for your photo library, and to give an immersive experience as you browse through all those precious moments in full format.

Apple TV app


In the branding process we did a complete makeover of the entire Jottacloud identity, to better promote it as a platform with a family of products. We gave it a fresh look, but still kept that unique Jottacloud touch and its traditional color palette. The website was made to reflect the light and friendly feel of the Jottacloud brand.

Gathering all your photos and videos in one place has never been this simple and secure. Go ahead and try it on