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Rebranding an open source playground


Expo is a free and open source set of development libraries and services, which makes building apps easy, accessible and fun. It enables developers to build native apps that work across iOS and Android. Based on React Native, it’s quickly becoming a wildly popular tool, currently being used by over 400.000 developers.


We redesigned their online presence and helped them mature their website and identity. We picked a new typeface, defined a colour scheme, and designed a whole new website explaining what Expo is, what it enables you to do, and how to get started. We teamed up with Timo Kuilder to create a set of brand illustrations that make Expo feel accessible and fun; both for experienced developers, as for newcomers.


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We’re Bakken & Bæck, a digital studio based in Oslo, Bonn and Amsterdam. Ambitious companies call us when they need an experienced team that can transform interesting ideas into powerful products.

Making smart investments personal

Designing and building an investment platform from end to end


Selected clients

  • 0x

    A new visual identity and online presence, powering their mission to be the bedrock of a new financial

  • Schibsted

    An AI-powered chatbot that helps deal with 1,3 million customer support inquiries from five major Norwegian

  • Kolonial

    The mobile app for Norway’s fastest growing startup that has been revolutionising grocery

  • Wake

    A platform for sharing and discussing design work, which started out as an internal project and was spun out as its own

  • Morgenlevering

    Concept, prototype and new visual identity for the award-winning service that brings quality products to your

  • Penda

    A mobile solution that streamlines the operations of waste collection in Ethiopia, to help foster a more circular

  • NTB

    An AI-powered digital reporter that compiles articles like a human being, saving journalists valuable time and

  • Alva

    Several digital products for an innovative real estate start up including a smart algorithm that analyses information

  • Kahoot!

    The first iOS app for Kahoot!, the world-renowned educational game that has more than 50 million active


    Our own AI platform with a range of tools that understand and automate language and

  • Business

From apps to artificial intelligence, from brands to blockchain – we build it

As a tight-knit team of sixty engineers and designers1, we know how to build products from the ground up that stand the test of time.

With solid expertise in a wide range of industries and several PhDs in machine learning and artificial intelligence, we believe that there are no products we can't build.

Forming close relationships with ambitious companies outside of organisational bureaucracy, we like to get things done at full speed.

We do have a soft spot for the serendipitous path of discovery. That’s why we host An Interesting Day2, run stupid hackathons3, keep bees and make honey4.

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We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive workplace, where everyone has the freedom to thrive while being taken care of.

Check out our Company Handbook to get a peek into our perks and the inner workings of our culture.

We always keep our ear to the ground for great people. Pop us an email, or send us an open application if you think we should talk.

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