Bee Home


In close collaboration with SPACE10 and designer Tanita Klein, we launched Bee Home, a digital platform that makes it easy for anyone anywhere to create a sophisticated sanctuary in their own backyards for the most vital living species on our planet: solitary bees.

The well-being of bees has always been a matter close to the heart of our company. We love to create a buzz around these tiny creatures, and the important role they have to play in restoring our fragile ecosystem. Teaming up with SPACE10 we could enable many others to join us in that cause.

As the physical Bee Home and the web-based platform were developed in parallel, we had the unique opportunity to explore how our digital-first approach can inspire the customisation, fabrication and distribution of physical products to be more democratic, and therefore, more sustainable. We also got to create a playful visual identity that brings the Bee Home community together across digital and physical spheres.

Irina Boersma

Based on our belief that simplicity and sustainability are mutually reinforcing, it was our aim to make sure that anyone visiting the web-based platform is able to design and customise a beautiful Bee Home with just a few clicks. On the platform you can design your Bee Home based on parameters like size, style and desired placement. Download the design files and share them with a local makerspace to help fabricate your Bee Home. Once assembled and placed, put your new Bee Home on the community map, and share knowledge with other makers and advocates.

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Everyday Experiments

Through a series of playful and explorative ideas and prototypes we discovered how tomorrow’s technologies can redefine the way we live at home. 


Kron makes smart and straight-forward investment opportunities more accessible. By asking a few simple questions, it provides you with an investment plan tailored to your needs.


By making payments as easy and accessible as possible, Vipps replaces the need for a wallet altogether. With over three million active users, it is by far Norway’s most popular payment platform.


We have been working long-term as an external team with Coinbase, designing and developing several new products from end to end.


Dr.Dropin is an up and coming, modern private healthcare provider that offers medical services at a fixed price. We partnered up with their team to better articulate what they do, and to give them a more friendly and distinct online presence.


In close collaboration with DNB Eiendom, we built Samsolgt, a digital service that simplifies and reforms the traditional real estate model by enabling the modern home owner to take control over the selling process of their apartments for lower costs.


By tracking races in real-time, mobile platform Racetracker gives cycling enthusiasts and athletes the opportunity to experience, distribute and fund the popular sport in completely new ways.