Bakken & Bæck is a digital studio that transforms big ideas into great products and ventures.

We help big companies act like small startups, and provide the expertise startups need to launch and scale their business. We also create ventures on our own.

We create new products and services from the ground up, or improve existing products. As a team we contribute with everything from concept work, product design, prototyping and branding to all types of development including advanced machine learning and working with blockchain.


  • We focus on product

    Making great products is why we get up in the morning. With an obsession for well designed products and a relentless attention to detail, we will always put the product first.

  • We move fast

    We turn sketches into a prototype as quickly as possible. We aim to spend less time fiddling with plans and specs, and more time producing. We have an experimental and collaborative approach. With quick iterations we pursue a short time to launched product.

  • A complete team

    We have the people needed to take a product from beginning to end. Combining heavy technical experience with a fierce focus on product design, we are capable to bring any idea to life, no matter the complexity.

  • A unique global network

    Our own team is accompanied by an external network of experts. Our network includes some of the world’s top founders, investors and advisors. An extraordinary resource to tap into when necessary.

  • The secret sauce

    With several PhDs in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, we have the ability to create solutions that are adaptable to future technological change and add a dimension of smartness that make products unique.